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H-ost 07-30-2012 03:45 PM

Airways Brewing Company
This is kind of a 2 part review...

Anyone ever heard of this company located in Kent?

I happened to go into Kirkland this weekend (very rare for me to be in that scene) but it was a place called 212 Bistro. I would like to mention that this bar has a great atmosphere with live music 6 days a week and the bartender was VERY knowledgeable and fun to chat with. Tuesdays are "10 thousand Tuesdays" referring to the dice game. They only have 6 taps and a limited bottle list but the bartender seemed to be an incredible mixologist(sp?). I would highly recommend at least checking it out.

Of the 3 taps they had, 3 of them were from a company called Airways Brewing Company, I had never heard of them before. They are located in Kent and are not a large enough scale to sell in stores or to bars but this place (212) is one of the very few places that serves them. Airways had a Stout, IIPA, and an ESB.

IIPA - No detectable hop aroma and hardly and hop flavor left a lot to be desired. The bitterness at 99 IBUs made it an enjoyable drink but definitely not a great representation of the style.

ESB - Very smooth and balanced with a gorgeous burgundy color, the malts sat nicely on the palate without letting anything stand out too much.

Stout - This was by far the easiest drinking stout I have had. I love thick and dark beers but this was a stout that you could drink all night. Delicious and almost creamy this beer had a hint of coffee with a strong taste of chocolate. The finish on this beer tasted like a very dark chocolate and the bitterness did not come until the after taste which lingered just long enough.

All in all, the bar is a place to check out for the music, bartender, and interesting flavor combinations from the kitchen. I would also recommend giving Airways Brewing Company a chance if you have the opportunity. If you didn't guess, the stout was my favorite.

DRich 07-31-2012 05:48 AM

I have been to there taproom in a kent a couple of times. The last was probably about a year ago. They only opened about 3 years ago and it's basically run by by 2 guys and a woman who all have day jobs at Boeing and only run the brewery as a side job; they seemed to have expanded since then so maybe they do it full time now. It used to be it was only open Fri-Sun, and was in a little business park in Kent where you wouldn't expect to find a brewery. I worked nearby at the time so I would sometimes go after work and have a couple beers.

I also thought their stout was by far the best beer, and it seems from your description that it is still the case. I will have to go check it out again because they also do a lot of special beers that aren't in their regular lineup. Oh, and they use the armrests from old Boeing planes as their tap-handles, which is cool.

H-ost 07-31-2012 04:19 PM

It would be nice if I could make it down there at some point to see what else they have.

If you say they have some special beers then that is exciting but really I would even go there just to get a growler or two of their stout.

Ceg 08-08-2012 08:19 PM

I went there two years in a row.

Here is the write up from 2011 (I believe their 1 year anniversary party):http://www.easternwashingtonadventur...ny-Mar-12-2011

Airways Brewing Company
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On March 12th, 2011 we took a trip to Kent Washington to see the Airways Brewing Company and to sample their brew. On this day they were having a party for their 1 year anniversary of being open. They gave us some free samples of their brew and all were good. The owners are very friendly people. We plan to go back the next time we are in the area. Here area a few pictures I took of our time there.













A year later (they expanded and also added a new location): http://www.easternwashingtonadventur...-March-10-2012

After our tour of Pegasus Northwest, we headed over to the Airways Brewing Company's Beer & Bistro. This is new since
we found out about the Airways Brewing Company in Kent March 2011.



Great brew selection.

The waitress took this photo of our group.

The next stop was at the Airways Brewery. A year before they were having their first anniversary party. See Here!


The expanded the taproom since a year ago.


Guido took this picture of me buying a growler to go.

Guido took this one after they told them I was also paying the bar tab.


H-ost 08-20-2012 11:03 PM

Looks like a place I need to visit. Thanks for posting the pics!

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