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TomRep 02-12-2012 07:08 PM

Reading/Lancaster/Allentown area grain buy- round 5
Finally time for another grain buy! This buy will be a little different due to some issues I had with the last one. There will be no partial sack orders in this buy. If you work out a partial sack order with someone else in the buy, thats fine. Heck I'll even have a scale here for you to split it. However, due to being shorted two sacks somehow or another last buy and having to pay two people for the missing sacks, I'm keeping it to full sack orders this time. Work out the splits amongst yourselves via PM's please to keep the thread on track and shorter in length. Also, everyone in the buy needs to provide me with a telephone number and an e-mail address. I had some issues contacting people in the last buy which ended up screwing up the delivery date. If you request some sacks and I don't get a PM with those two items, your request will not show up with the current orders. I hope to take orders for two weeks (I have a lot of guys that want in on this buy), receive payments the third week and hopefully have it shipped the Friday of the third week or the following Friday (March 2nd or 9th). Payments will be made to me via PayPal, Personal check, or cash. If cash, it needs to be prior to the order date. PayPal is the preferred method due to speed. Pickup will once again be at my house (address below). That seemed to work best for me and I think most everyone with the last buy. I'm hoping to get the grains on a Friday and have a Friday evening/Saturday pickup window. Pickup times and dates will depend on when payments arrive in my bank account.

Pickup date: TBA

Pickup location: 2230 Moselem Springs Road
Fleetwood, PA 19522

Catalog: http://countrymaltgroup.com/download.asp?f=f6 password "greatmalt"

Current number of sacks: FULL

Current order:

mcgearybrewing - CM-2ROW x3

josephus PAID - CM-PALE x1, CM-2ROW x2

Germanrockit PAID - GW-PALE x1, BZ-PILS x1, BZ-WHT x1, TF-MOPA x1, CM-2ROW x1

Bert1097 PAID - CM-2ROW x4, BD-MOPA x1

milldoggy PAID - BZ-HDBR x1, CM-2ROW x1, CM-SPIL x1

Brewsncrabs PAID - CM-2ROW x1, TF-MOPA x1

pelipen PAID - TF-GPRM x1, GB-ESB x1

Coohang PAID - TF-MOPA x1, FB-PILS x1, CM-2ROW x1

poolanex PAID - CM-PALE x3, CM-2ROW x3, CM-WHET x1, BZ-DMUN x1, GW-VIEN x1, BD-CHLT x1, BD-CR55 x1

Oldfart PAID - CM-2ROW x3, GW-C60 x1

anengineer PAID - CM-PALE x1, CM-2ROW x1

beerloaf PAID - BZ-PILS x1, CM-PALE x1

pava PAID - BD-MOPA x1, CM-SPIL x1, CM-2ROW x2

djstabby PAID - BZ-VIEN x1, CM-PALE x1, TF-MOPA x1

jazzman PAID - CM-PALE x1, CM-2ROW x1

Dukeman9988 PAID - BD-MOPA x1, GW-2ROW x1

Coalcracker PAID - CM-2ROW x2

kkocher13 PAID - BZ-PILS x1, BZ-HDBR x1, CM-2ROW x1

Hackrsackr PAID - BD-PALE x1, BZ-PILS x1, BD-MOPA x1, BZ-DMUN x1, GW-C40 x1

idratherbeinmexico PAID - TF-MOPA x1

rianrt PAID - CM-2ROW x4, BD-MOPA x1

kds1398 PAID - CM-2ROW x2, CM-PALE x2, GW-VIEN x1

Driver PAID - BZ-VIEN x1

snowveil PAID - BZ-MUNH x1, TF-GPRM x1

TomRep - CM-PALE x2, BZ-PILS x1

miketedesco PAID - CM-2ROW x2

mjwitz PAID - TF-MOPA x1, FB-PILS x1

psutimmah - CM-2ROW x5, BZ-VIEN x1, GW-C40 x1, BZ-WHT x1, BZ-MUNH x1

koedbrew PAID - BD-MOPA x1

gswartley PAID - Cm-2ROW x3

Domes PAID - CM-PALE x1, CM-WHET x1, BD-MOPA x1

Sithdad - TF-GPRM x1

bphelan PAID - CM-2ROW x1, CM-PALE x1

Risser09 PAID - CM-PILS x1, CM-2ROW x6, BZ-SPLT x1, BD-MOPA x1, TF-PRL x1, GP-FLBLY x1, CR-DEXTR50 x1, GP-RICE x1

Nyg215 PAID - CM-2ROW x2, CM-PALE x1, BD-MOPA x1, GW-C60 x1

drawnablank PAID - CM-2ROW x1, TF-MOPA x1

mcgearybrewing 02-12-2012 09:57 PM

As of right now I will go with (2) CM-2Row...

If anyone wishes to split a Munich or a Crystal please let me know...


josephus23 02-12-2012 09:59 PM

I'd like to get in on this group buy again.

Can I put in an order for

GermanRockit 02-13-2012 01:55 AM

Grain Buy
Hi Tom,
(1) Great Western - Pale Malt = GW-PALE
(1) Best Maltz - Pilsner = BZ-PILS
(1) Best Maltz - Pale Wheat = BZ-WHT

I didn’t see rice hulls. Are we still able to get them?

Are we able to buy DME on this buy?

I’m looking to partial sacks of Crystal Malts too. I say we talk about this on:

I know you were talking about a hop buy. When do you plan on starting that? I don’t need hops now...just wondering.

That sucks that you had to cover the cost of those two bags of grain. You did that buy without ordering anything for yourself. I will chip in a few bucks to help cover the cost. I want you to keep having these group buys but I don’t want it to more of an expense then it already is. I know you say you spend very little time on the order but being available for pick-up is big commitment of time.

TomRep 02-13-2012 02:19 AM

German- I appreciate that. To be honest, I haven't even looked at the catalog yet. I believe by looking at the Philly thread, we should be able to get DME. I can't imagine they would have removed rice hulls from the sheet, but who knows. As soon as I get a chance I will look over it and get an e-mail out to NCM about the DME. Also, for anyone who gave me phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses last buy, I need them again as well. My dumb a$$ threw them away.. Mcgeary, I have yours.

jazzman 02-13-2012 02:49 AM

The catalog lists hops also. Would it be possible to get hops and grains on this same buy?

milldoggy 02-13-2012 10:52 AM

If anyone needs rice hulls, I have 25 lbs from the last buy. I would be happy to part with half.

TomRep 02-13-2012 11:57 AM

No I'm not going to mess with hops from NCM. all their hops come in 11# bales or something like that so trying to fill some varieties will be a real pain. When I do the hop buy from Crosby, we can get just a single pound of whatever we want and it's not a problem. As soon as the grain buy is done with I plan to start the hop buy.

GermanRockit 02-13-2012 12:36 PM


I'll take your rice hulls.

milldoggy 02-13-2012 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by GermanRockit

I'll take your rice hulls.

Sounds good. I really don't even need them with my new false bottom. If you want to get them before the group buy, let me know and we can meet up somewhere

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