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brewguyver 11-14-2012 03:38 AM

Quick Western PA *Hops* Group Buy - 1# increments (11/13 - 11/20)
I've noticed a handful of threads around the hops at Hop Direct. They've got great prices and some cool proprietary hops. Belma is a great example - it has gotten reasonable reviews in the forum and is only $5.25! However, the shipping is a gotcha, especially for small orders.

I'm organizing this group buy to get around the high shipping cost. By going in together, we can get a significant discount. Here's a rough estimate on how quantity affects shipping cost/pound:
  • 1 - $10/lb
  • 10 - $2.50/lb
  • 27 - ~$1.77/lb
  • 50 - <$1.50/lb (estimate)

All prices (and max quantities) are the same as the hops direct website. PM me with your email if interested and I'll add you to the google spreadsheet. Lets turn this around before all the good hops sell out!

Cheers! :mug:

1) Open for current, active HBT members in good standing. You need to have joined before the date of this post. I'm willing to coordinate another order for newer members if this one works out.
2) Cash and carry - pay cash when you pick up. It makes things simpler and avoids PayPal fees, etc.
3) Shipping (and any taxes) will be split evenly based on the amount of hops ordered.
4) Min 1 lb. increments up to 5 lbs./variety/person unless otherwise specified (some hops have a limit of 1/person). Please follow the guidelines in hop direct's shopping cart (saves time).
5) I'm closing the order on 11/20 or when we hit 50 pounds - whichever comes first - to avoid sell-out situations.
6) Pickup will be in Pittsburgh's Southside, either on 12/8 or 12/15 (depending on shipping times).
7) Right now there is no bulk discount other than shipping (prices can't get much lower). If we get lucky with a discount, everyone gets a share!

brewguyver 11-20-2012 07:30 PM

Right now we're at 4 pounds (including my 4 pound order) with 6 hours to go :drunk:. PM with your order if your interested - I will close this out and put the order through first thing tomorrow.

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