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Soperbrew 12-29-2012 04:03 PM

First AZ Bulk Buy a Success!
With much resistance from the local homebrew club due to its "sponsorship program" we managed to organize our own bulk grain buy.

2 pallets, 52 bags, 13 homebrewers, 2810 lbs. Delivered to my garage.


Planning another one next year.

btgold29 01-01-2013 01:04 PM

Wish I knew this was happening. What ended up being the price per pound for the standard 2 row?

milleniumsmoker 01-02-2013 06:12 AM

Me too. Never heard anything after the initial post. Keep me in mind for the next one.

Soperbrew 01-03-2013 02:46 PM

It'll be awhile, but I'll be sure to update this thread when it happens. I'm guessing there will be requests to get another one organized just before summer. The grain should be less expensive next go around if we can purchase direct from a maltster as is planned. This one was through a distributor.

hsr9800 03-24-2014 05:28 AM

Any idea on when the next bulk buy will be organized? Definitely want in when it does happen.

nmbrewboyz 05-13-2014 08:41 PM

We would be interested in at least 20 bags or so in nw New Mexico.......


Soperbrew 05-26-2014 04:31 AM

It'll probably be a few more months before we try this again. I've heard someone else in our area is trying to get one started, but I don't know the details.

JayMckeever 08-20-2014 04:37 PM

Would be interested in a few bags if this gets going again

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