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Walker 04-05-2010 05:09 AM

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OK. I see what happened. When you send money, you have two ways of classifying it. One is "purchase" and the other is "personal".

If you select "purchase" (the default), the fees will automatically get assigned to Reelale. If you select "personal", I think you get to choose who pays.

Keep that in mind!

Reelale 04-06-2010 01:47 AM

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Sorry for the delay. If you think this was easy, you're wrong. It was a moving target. So, here is the spreadsheet as promised. Rest assured, I will be checking this again when everything is final, and I am sober (did you all know that apfelwein gets better with time? It is truly a linear relationship). Please remember to do as Walker suggested, I can't/won't eat any paypal fees. Also, please let know you're user name when you paypal. Ideally, we can get the truck to deliver to Apex. Otherwise, I'll have to unload, reload, and deliver. I much prefer the former. Anyway, I've attached the spreadsheet as a zip, since I will probably be the only one who needs to change it. Please check ur order, and the math. Let me know if anything needs to be changed, as I have already stated my alibi.

Spreadsheet updated: 6 Apr, 1656

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