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dfess1 05-26-2011 12:35 PM

Stumps Clone build underway
Sunday 5/22 (yes, we made it through the rapture), I started to learn to weld. After running some sample beads on a piece of scrap, I graduated to these two pieces.


They didn't come out too bad for only a half hour in!

Then it was onto the fire grate. This is a shot of it still "warm". Tomorrow morning I'll be back out to grind down the welds. These aren't quite as nice as the test pieces, but Dad says they should hold no problem. Maybe once they are ground down, they'll look a little nicer.


Should start on the shelving tomorrow, or possibly the frame, not sure yet. We'll see, but I"ll be updating this (hopefully daily, all depends on how tired I am, and whether I remember to take pics along the way).

dfess1 05-26-2011 12:36 PM

Ok, time for an update. We have the frame welded up, and the angle iron for the trays. I will be welding up the expanded steel for the trays as time permits, and we aren't working on the frame itself. We're still waiting for the firebox to come back from the fabricator, as Dad doesn't have the equipment to weld 1/2" plate.

Here's a shot of the frame:


The lower piece in the front (the really crappy looking one) is just tacked to hold it square. We are keeping the bottom support to do towards the end so that we can get in and weld in the cook chamber skins. This way it isn't completely in the way.

Saturday we pick up a trailer and try to modify that to suit our needs.

dfess1 05-31-2011 11:20 AM

Ok, It's tues 5/31, and we got some more accomplished this weekend.

First off, let me start by correcting a mistake. The firebox is going to be 1/4", not 1/2". And we're using the firebrick in hopes that it will prevent the burnout and not need to use the 1/2". Also, we were waiting for the material, but that's because it was being cut to his drawing specs.

Anyway, on to the pics.

I got all 6 shelves made up. 2' deep by 3' wide.


Here is the firebox, about 75% complete. Still to weld to it (at this point) are the angle iron pieces. Since we aren't sure that the firebrick is going to hold, we're making it so you can unbolt the firebox if we need to make changes. That small hole there is for the transfer tube.


Here's a shot from the other side, with just the grate poking out.


Saturday morning we got up early and hit the public market. Then, this little fella followed us home!


So the trailer is wider and longer than we are going to need, but at the price we/I was willing to pay for a trailer, it was the best we could find. After half of saturday and half of sunday (needed time out to go fisihing), this is what the trialer is reduced to:


Monday saw the arrival of my brother (for only the day, he is leaving today to head back to Philly). With his help we got the rest of the angle iron tacked onto the firebox, the metal cut that will hold the brew table in place on the trailer, and we got the inside ceiling welded into place (no pic of that at the moment), as well as the inside and outside backs cut out for the transfer tubes and the exhaust stacks. I'll get pics of those tonight.

Here is my brother and father with the frame, and the firebox mounted to the frame. My brother is holding the frame level while dad finished the welds holding the mounting bars for the firebox to the frame.


dfess1 06-02-2011 02:23 PM

So here's the progress from last night.


The inside is done with welding! All of the interior skins are welded in place.


This hole is where the transfer tube will come into the smoke chamber from the firebox. The supports above it are for the heat deflector and the grease deflector. These pieces are cut, just need to be bolted in.


The ugly bar that was there previously has been removed. The front bottom rail is welded in place. It's a U channel with a 2" drain in the center. The grease pan will be mounted below the hole. The floor has a bit of a slope to it. Hard to see in this pic, but it should carry the grease to the front rail, then out the hole.


All of the shelf rails and stops are welded in place. 4" between each shelf.


Here's just two shelves in place. Need to clean up the welds a bit on the rest of the shelves to get them to slide nice.


The stops work great. No sag to the shelf, and it isn't going anywhere when full extended.


Here is a shot of the backside. These were the firebox mounts from an earlier pic. The firebox will bolt to the back of the smoker. This way, if we need to modify the plan at a later date, we can. And we won't need to do a buttload of grinding to fix anything.

Tonight we start cutting insulation and putting on the outside skins!

Desert_Sky 06-02-2011 06:25 PM


dfess1 06-03-2011 11:23 AM

Work from 6/2:

Last night we were able to get the insulation in place, and get the outside sheet metal welded on. Dad did most of those welds, mainly because you are going to see them. I am definitely not to that level yet, but welding is pretty fun. Already have a used one scoped out to pick up on the trip home!

Anyway, he did the welding, I cut the insulation, then ground down some of the welds after he was finished. Also packed the legs full of insulation as well, and ground down some of the welds on the shelves so that they slide easily on the shelf rails. Don't have a lot of pics this time around though.


You can see with all of the racks in, it's going to hold a ton of ribs. This thing with the insulation and outside skins, now weighs a ton. Actually, when we're all done, we figure a little over half a ton (1300 lbs give or take).

The firebox that was so heavy before, was mounted to the back of the chamber to make sure if mated up. Before my brother had to stand on the frame so it wouldn't tip over. Not anymore! The firebox feels light compared to the cook chamber!


The top holes are for the two exhaust stacks. Need to make those. Ran out of the smaller diameter wire last night, and used up the bottle of gas too. Getting more tonight so we can make it through the weekend.

dfess1 06-06-2011 11:29 AM

work from the weekend of 6/4-6/5

Ok, the weekend saw two solid uninterrupted days. So we got alot of work done, but not neccearily a ton of pictures of the work in progress. More like we're done with this piece, here's a pic. So..

The heat deflector plate mounts were welded in. If you recall in an earlier pic, there are two pieces of angle welded across the back. The heat deflector and the grease deflector utilize pins to hold them in place.


Here's a crappy shot of the heat deflector. You can see the rests that are mounted on the walls for the front of the deflector.


Here is the grease deflector on top. It's hard to see, but the pins for this piece poke up through the rear angle. Then there are two cotter pins that hold the deflector in place. They can come out easily so that you can pull the whole thing out for easy clean up. The grease deflector is also larger than the heat deflector, and had angle iron along the edges to catch grease and funnel it towards the front of the smoker and into the grease trap.


Here's the door getting stuffed. This is the only shot we took with insulation going into it. Need to find a handle for the door, and order a thermo and we'll be good here.


Hey look, our trailer is back together! A little shorter and a lot narrower than before!


And it's about the length of a mazda3 hatch! So it won't take up a ton of room in the driveway.


So a bit has happened by this pic. We cut the legs down on the smoker, and welded on some feet. The smoker is going to be bolted to the trailer now, instead of being welded in. This way in the future, if we decide to take it off the rig, we can. A couple of grade 10 bolts and she won't be going anywhere. We also had the smoker jacked up and on blocks. Had to get the trailer under there somehow. Not like we were going to dead lift it.


Have the trailer slid back and in place. Now it's time to slowly set her down on the frame.


Stacks cut, welded up, and cleaned up.


Just resting in place. Need to weld on some rod so that we can put dampers over them.


At this point, the trailers new feet (well their mates actually) have been welded to the frame and the the smoker is securely bolted to them. The trailer is now up on jack stands. Will be picking up the pieces for the springs tonight, so we can get those and the axle back on.

Now, the frame in the front is where the brewing rig/3 burner stove is going to go. It's just laid on there at the moment. Need to put in some supports for that, but that will come once we get the firebox bolted on and finished up. The firebox door will be opening toward the rear of the brew platform, so we need to account for allowances.

dfess1 06-06-2011 11:30 AM


And here's a shot of the rear of the trailer. This is pretty much it's final height. I'm 6' and I can see over the top of the smoker. So it'll be nice not to need to get on a step ladder to get at any of the racks. And the majority of the weight will be distributed over the rear axle.

We're getting there. Still on the to do list:

1. weld up ash pan
2. weld up chimney
3. cut fire brick to fit inside firebox
4. weld up supports for brew platform and weld brew platform to trailer
5. weld on rear jack/leveling supports
6. put on springs/axle
7. install light kit
8. weld on fender supports and fenders
9. finish up stacks
10. paint

there's probably more in there, but I'm forgetting at this point.

HokieBrewer 06-06-2011 02:16 PM

Holy crap. Competition BBQ I assume?

dfess1 06-06-2011 05:36 PM

nope. Just want to be able to have more capacity than I already have. And to take it tailgating/camping. maybe into competition here and here, maybe. I don't know. never done one. But it's been pretty fun. There's a single tier brew sculpture that will be sitting up on the front of this. There's a link to that in the DIY section.

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