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BBBF 10-26-2012 07:31 PM

Would this 120V set up work?
I'm currently brewing with a 10 gallon megapot can be positioned over 3 NG kitchen stove burners. I have no problems brewing indoors, but I would like to have a more permanent setup in my basement, which has a 2nd kitchen (currently w/ no appliances). I originally planned on bringing the stove with me, but I'm afraid of the "upgrade" costs that will come along that choice. I considered getting a Blichmann Burner or finding a stock pot range, but with the increased BTUs comes questions of getting proper ventilation, avoiding killing everyone with fire or CO and what my insurance would cover if I something bad did happen. Every thread I can find on the topic of basement brewing and gas involves someone defying the odds and 5 other people that recommend going electric.

I only have 120V and I'm not willing to put an extra hole into my kettle, so I realize I am not an ideal candidate for electric brewing. However, I can get 2 dedicated circuits and I have no interest in brewing more than 5 gallons at a time. The system I'm envisioning uses an induction burner, heat stick and an electric kettle, but no more than two of those at one time.

BK: 10 gallon megapot + 1800W induction burner + 1500W heat stick
HLT: 10 gallon, Al tamale pot w/ 1500W element
MLT: HERMS coil + 1500W heatstick (for strike water and the occasional step mash)

I would also need a March pump for circulating the mash through the coil.
I was thinking one of these cheaper pumps to circulate the HLT water: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f11/chea...v-100c-337933/

If I remove the heat stick after hitting the strike temperature, could I get away with a single PID controlling the HLT temperature or would I need a more advanced control box?

benbradford 10-26-2012 09:42 PM

I would just use 2 2000w elements. You would have to drill your pot, but, IMHO it would be better with 2 elements and a herms coil installed. I brewed for a long time with only 2 pots, no hlt.

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