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WPStrassburg 07-20-2011 04:33 AM

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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
You lost me there. What does the 110/220 selection have to do with the number of PIDs?How do I change between 110 and 220 going to the elements without adding another pair of pid's?

You mentioned "2 PIDs instead of 4", but the diagram has 3 PIDs, so I am not understanding things here.
3 pid's total. one would be the boil pid and that would be 220 only. the other two will be hlt and rims. I'm looking to switch the hlt and rims between 110 and 220. Is there another way to control a single element via a single pid with either 110 or 220?

I don't think you'll be able to support two stir motors, two pumps, the RIMS element, and the HLT element on a single 120v circuit for those days when you are brewing outside. I was figuring on a 2kw 220v hlt element, and a 4kw rims element would be 1.5kw on 110, but dual 20A circuits to feed the elements and pumps are an option too. I'd just add another gfi outlet and split the elements, pumps, and gearmotors between the two circuits.

I am a little lost trying to follow the wiring around those 4-pole contactors, too. I can't tell what is coil control and what is load wiring.
Here's a little better view of the contactors and I've attached the jpeg of the schematic.

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