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dboblitt 11-07-2010 03:08 AM

What does your element look like?
So I am 4 batches in using my e-kettle and my element has a pretty nice layer of blackened crud on it. I clean it off every time with some dish soap and an abrasive pad but I have yet to really dig into it and try to peal all of the blackened bits off. Does everyone else clean their element until it shines or does a little bit of a blackened coating not hurt?

Maltose 11-07-2010 03:54 AM

buy yourself some Oxyclean or PBW, should do the trick

tbergmania 11-07-2010 05:54 AM

Mine clean up pretty well, just a little soap and scrubbing, six brews and still going good, not a long track record but not too bad.

Tiber_Brew 11-07-2010 03:03 PM

I use the black incoloy ripp elements. I've only brewed twice so far with my new system, but after a hot PBW soak, they look new. No scrubbing. We'll see how they keep up with each new batch.


Jagter 01-10-2012 03:08 PM

I know, Old thread, but I have to answer this one.
Boil a little bit of water with a descaling tablet and then scrub, it works wonders.

There was some definitive off flavors in the batches I brewed with a dirty element.

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