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mcclenahanb 11-05-2012 06:15 PM

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I disassembled a heatstick and found moisture/condensation inside so I am going to dry them both out and re-seal them. We'll see if this helps. I think you may have been right about too much thinning of the jb weld. When I opened it up, I could still smell acetone, and that was 2 weeks ago!

I attached a rough diagram of what I did as far as the 2 gfci outlets. Out of the dryer outlet I pulled one of the 120v hot wires to one outlet and the other hot to the other outlet. both gfcis run their neutral to the single neutral wire of the dryer outlet.

The gfci's are tripping fine, so I'm not sure it would be an issue of the ground being attached to the same circuit, since the evidence of that problem would be the gfci's NOT tripping. Hmm.

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