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dcbw 01-14-2013 07:18 PM

Terminal insulation question

So I read one or two posts here about bad crimping and decided to solder all my terminals. For the most part that requires removing the insulator on the terminal since it might melt at solder temps. So here I am half done with the panel, look at some of the 240V 30A connectors, and think "Geez those are close together, and they're not insulated." How far apart should un-insulated connections like this be, especially for the main power contactor (the right-most one in the image)?

So I started shrink-tubing some of the terminals, but not the actual blades of the blade terminals. Will shrink-tubing work well enough, or should I re-do the high-voltage stuff to use fully-insulated blade connectors for the contactors? How about for the 120V stuff?

What's the required air gap for 240V 30A?


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dcbw 01-15-2013 09:55 PM

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Originally Posted by hot_carl View Post
Just make sure you crimp them as well as solder.
Yeah, I'm certainly crimping them as hard as I can with one of these:

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before I solder them. I'm using 63/37 tin/lead rosin core solder with a melting temp of like 373 degrees which I assume is good enough; the 60/40 solder at the store (which is what Kal suggests at TEB) had a melting temp of 375 so I assumed the 63/37 was good enough. I'm now shrink-tubing the spade terminals on things that are closely spaced, so hopefully that'll be good enough.


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