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passedpawn 03-09-2012 01:09 PM

Slide Paint Strainer Bag over False Bottom in BK?
Has anyone taken a 5g paint strainer back and slid it over their false bottom in order to filter the hops?

I use a hop spider / hanging hop bag now, but I've thought about experimenting with dropping the hops right into the boil. I use a pump & plate chiller, so I need to find a way to filter the pellet hops to keep the chiller from clogging.

It might clog, but that's a lot of surface area. I might to a quick experiment test. I guess I have to put a small hole in the middle to allow the dip tube to pass through.

(BTW, I posted this in the electric forum since I don't think it would work with a bottom-fired propane kettle).

smokewater 03-09-2012 03:57 PM

Its not quite the same thing but I have used a paint strainer lining my bucket fermenter before. I did a few batches keeping my hops in a bag during the boil and some others where I just threw them in.

I had problems with the paint strainer bag not draining well. I would have to grab it in places on the bottom to drain from the side. I stopped doing that for sanitation reasons. It did not seem like good practice to be touching cooled wort with my fingers. I was simply dumping my boil pot into the bucket lined with a paint strainer bag. If you whirlpool and draw from the side you might get less particles.

Even using a hop bag in the boil I have to drain liquid out from the sides of the bag but that is with hot wort. I would worry about it clogging on a false bottom.

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