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aubiecat 03-12-2012 02:15 AM

Ready or Not E-BIAB Here I Come....
I have ordered all the gear to build an E-BIAB. To me, BIAB is best way to brew beer and nothing could be easier than an electric computer controlled BIAB. I have been inspired by the experienced members here who have posted proven methods of fabricating and using electric brew equipment. I am by no means an electrician but after reading through numerous threads on the matter it gives me confidence that I can build, wire and operate this giant coffee pot.

E-BIAB build threads like johnodon's and ameliabrewery's are great resources.
KAL's electric brewery site is very comprehensive with detailed instructions and parts lists for us to follow. You could call it the E-Brewery bible.
To allow greater flow during mashing I am going modify my steamer basket using the thughes method.
johnodon's whirlpool apparatus is just to easy and effective to pass up.
Members like P-J who spend their valuable time developing all sorts of wiring schematics for laymen like me are invaluable.
This is the P-J wiring schematic that I will use except with a 4500w element.
This is the Spa box and wiring diagram I used.

aubiecat 03-12-2012 02:23 AM

The only additions that aren't covered in the schematic is a 240v red Auber LED lamp on the gang box to indicate when the element is getting power and a heavy toggle switch to turn the alarm on and off.

aubiecat 03-12-2012 02:37 AM


Electronics (Edit: I didn't use the black Auber box.)


aubiecat 03-12-2012 01:39 PM

These are the vendors I purchased my gear from.


1 - 44Qt. Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot with Steam Basket
1 - PackardC230B 2 Pole 30 Amp Contactor 120 Volt Coil Contactor
1 - 40ASSR Solid State Relay
1 - Heatsinkfor 40A Solid State Relay (SSR)
1 - Camco11553 RV Magnesium Anode Rod
1- WhirlpoolPT600L 6-Foot 30 Amp 4 Wire Dryer Power Cord
1 - WhirlpoolPT400 4-Foot 40 Amp 4 Wire Range Power Cord
1 - Dritz Cord Stops

Bargain Fittings:

4 - 1/2" SS Camlock B Style Quick Disconnect
1 - 1/2" NPT Hex nipple Stainless
4 - 1/2" SS Camlock A with Hex COMBO Had to get this at the time because they didn't have any "F" type Camlock fittings.
2 - 1/2" NPT stainless steel 3 piece ball valve
1 - 1/2" NPT Tee
1 - 1" Stainless Locknut and o-ring kit
1 - Step Bit 1-3/8"
2 - 1/2" NPT x 1/2"; Hose Barb
12' - SiliconeTubing 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD
5 - 1/2" NPT STREET 90 elbow
1 - 1/2" SS Camlock A Style Quick Disconnect

aubiecat 03-12-2012 01:51 PM

Auber Instruments:

3 - IlluminatedMC , Pushbutton Switch, 22mm. 120/240V Green, Blue, Red
1 - 1/16 DIN PID Temperature Controller (SSR control output) SYL-2352
1 - RED, LED Indicator, 22 mm, 120/240V
1 - Flashing Buzzer, 110 or 240V AC. 22 mm
1 - Liquid tight RTD sensor, 4 in, 1/2 NPT Thread
1 - Panel mount connector for RTD sensor

Automaton Direct:

1 - Yellow 40mm mushroom button, 1 N.O. contact block

Office World:

1 - Alera SW342416BA 3 Tier rolling Cart


1 - Cord/wire grip, 3/4"; NPT

Home Depot:

1- Camco Nickel/Chromium Incoloy Fold Back (ULD)
1- Red Dot 1-Gang Deep Rectangular Weatherproof Box
2 - Red Dot 1-Gang Rectangular Blank Covers
1 - 50 Amp 240-Volt Spa Panel Disconnect with GFI
1 - Leviton 30-Amp Industrial Flush Mount Single Power Outlet
1 - Pass & Seymour 30 Amp 250V Locking Outlet
1 - Pass & Seymour 30 Amp 250V Locking Plug
1 - Pass & Seymour 15 Amp 125V Black Locking Outlet
1 - Pass & Seymour 15 Amp 125V Locking Plug
6' - Black 10/3 SJOOW Cord
1- Carlon 12 in. x 12in. x 6 in. Junction Box

Austin Homebrew Supply:

1 - March 809 HS Pump (with 6 ft Power Cord). They no longer carry this pump.


1 - Voile sheer , the link doesn't show the exact curtain I got, their website isn't the friendliest in the world. I got the single curtain, under $5.00

aubiecat 03-13-2012 03:05 AM

Wiring extension cord to spa panel


Outlet wiring and attachment.




shuckit 03-13-2012 03:44 AM

Subscribed. Looks like you are off to a great start. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Take lots of pictures!! FWI, the Auber linkes don't work.

I'm inspired :rockin:

aubiecat 03-13-2012 04:24 AM

I sketched the control box up in DraftSight (CAD) to get a perspective on the layout of the PID and switches.
I decided the Auber box was too small so I went with the Carlon 12 in. x 12in. x 6 in. Junction Box.


aubiecat 03-13-2012 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by shuckit (Post 3886716)
Subscribed. Looks like you are off to a great start. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Take lots of pictures!! FWI, the Auber linkes don't work.

I'm inspired :rockin:

Fixed all the links. I will be taking plenty of pictures. :mug:

aubiecat 03-16-2012 04:11 AM

Did a little work on the kettle.
Using the slug buster to make the holes for fittings.

Pulling cutting head through.

Perfect hole.


Spigot and sight glass done.



Inside, the 1/2" barb should work as a pick up. If it doesn't do well I will try something different. Haven't installed the magnesium rod yet. Element will be here tomorrow.


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