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shroomzofdoom 06-14-2012 03:28 AM

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Sorry, misunderstood your setup in the op. I have sightglasses on my BK and HLT, but don't need one on the MLT. If you use them, that will influence your probe size.

That pic is a six inch probe through a sightglass tee. It sticks about 2.75" into the kettle, 3" or so is used up in the tee, compression fitting, gasket and crimp. Some people don't like them to go in as far as mine as they fear something happening to them. I'd bet you find people with preferences either way. Initially, I went with longer probes as I boil electric and was worried about stratification but now I recirc everything with pumps. If you wanted to move the probe in or out a bit, the compression fittings give you some wiggle room and they don't leak at all.

Hope that helps a bit

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