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hot_carl 01-10-2013 08:44 PM

Nonmetallic control panel enclosures
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I recently decided to move to electric brewing from propane and in looking over many builds, I see alot of people using steel enclosures for their panels. The steel enclosures seem heavier, more expensive, and harder to cut holes in than the ABS and fiberglass type (which I just picked up from BUD industries). Is there any reason why the nonmetallic type arent more prevalent? They carry the same NEMA specifications regarding water/dust ingress and are more than strong enough for our use...they also seem safer in the very unlikely event that a hot lead comes into contact with the enclosure since they wont carry current (Well, I guess that would trip the breaker since the case is grounded...so that makes the safety thing a moot point, but still). There seem to be lots of issues around cutting holes, most all of which are much easier to deal with in a softer medium like ABS. Am I making a mistake by using one of these enclosures, or just not following the norm?

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