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vballdrummer 04-13-2011 06:29 PM

New eControlBox (based on Ohio-Ed's)
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Thanks to the wonderful collective resources of HBT, and especially Ohio-Ed's control panel thread, I've reached a major milestone in building Rev2 of my eBrewery. The panel guts are O-E based, but instead of using a BCS, I'm using a LabJack U3 USB i/o device. The panel cover is rather sparse because the UI is touchscreen. I've elected to only populate hardware UI devices for the e-stop-latch function, a master keyed power switch and two status lights. I may mount a second e-stop right on the table. Very exciting, after pinging everything out the first energize was at 5am this morning to test the e-stop and reset functionality.

aNYbrewery 04-13-2011 06:54 PM

Nice work. Whats the software you use with that I/O. I'm looking to setup a similar control box and hadn't thought about other options to the BCS or Brewtroller.

vballdrummer 04-13-2011 07:22 PM

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I'm using LabView right now because I have developer access, but began testing in C++ and VB. LabView has a StateChart module that is quite suited to the brewing process (or most industrial control) especially because brewing is essentially a "waterfall" model. ie. we don't normally re-enter previously completed states

mrk00k 04-14-2011 01:56 AM

Labview...nice. That's what I would use. I have no experience with BCS, but you can do whatever you want with labview.

Ohio-Ed 04-14-2011 02:11 AM

Very nice!


wedge421 04-14-2011 02:12 AM

Damn looks really nice!@ SUper clean!

bruin_ale 04-14-2011 02:15 AM

I hate you guys with your neat wiring.. sometimes I go back and look at Ed's build and it makes me want to rip all the wires out of mine and start over. I think it took me about two evenings to fully wire mine up, with a better plan of how to route wires I'm sure I could do a better job - but it works the way it is... just doesn't look all perty on the inside like yours.

Sparky 04-14-2011 05:36 AM

ya, that wiring looks sweet. A good indicator of the system. Also notice the venetian finish? Hell, the only thing I could request to make it better is to recess the panel and screen. And, have an articulating arm on the screen that comes out from the wall.

Never mind, looks like an awesome build!

vballdrummer 04-14-2011 11:08 AM

@sparky - didn't think to recess, but the panel does have an articulating arm to the stand; although it may need to be longer :D That's why I'm going to add a second e-stop to the center leg on the brew stand.

:off: And the "plaster" is actually drywall mud; call it "italian" plaster - our whole home is finished in this

Sparky 04-15-2011 03:58 AM


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