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SmokingDog 01-31-2012 02:24 PM

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I've got two kegs. One untouched, one I acquired with the top cut out already; and my 10gal round cooler MT that I was planning to still use for that purpose.

Main elec power is in place. I have a project box/control panel on the way.

Still piecing together/deciding on exactly how I want the keggle set up (ports, probes, elem, etc.) Single pump, 1 1/2 tier based on your design.

In my head, I know what needs to be done during the different steps of the brewing process, just how to best set it up. Whirl-pooling, side pickup vs center bottom; soldered vs welded vs weldless; etc. You can only cut or drill once!

I think I have actually read over too many post and am trying to combine the best of too many systems. This is a good thing (learning from others), but to a point.

I was originally thinking about both ports on the HLT/BK to be side pickups pointing the same direction. That way you could re-circ as you bring up to a boil, and then whirl-pool when complete. Just change the QD's.

Then I read some posts on using the existing bung as a bottom center drain. Wonder how that would work with this setup? Whirl-pool then filter, kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Have you run into any problems "sucking" wort from under the mash back up to the HLT/BK? Do you think some sort of false bottom a must (more than a stainless braid)?

I appreciate your responses. It is still the main design I'm going after.


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