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augiedoggy 01-02-2014 10:50 PM

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Originally Posted by CapnBry View Post
I know this is an old thread but I figured out how to get the TD4 to go manual mode. You've got to have a probe attached or else it doesn't work:
-- Press the SET button to switch to output display mode. The left-most LED will glow red. SV will report the duty cycle.
-- Press and hold the -- Press and release the -- Use the up and down buttons to set the duty cycle. The duty cycle will change as you adjust the value.
-- Press SET to lock in the value.
Thank you!
I can confirm this works great and is easy to set once you know how!
I have both the Ta7,TD4 and a rex c100 model pids and the td4 is the best one hands down followed by the TA model which works great and fast for the hlt... the Rex c100 is pretty lame in comparison with terrible directions and only celcius readouts...
Plus as others have stated of the 3 only the TD4 has the manual mode. Its easy to operate for me and fairly intuitive. The other plus is you can buy the td4 for $25 shipped from us sellers on eBay.
So far I've only done test runs heating and maintaining water but the elements (4500w) made quick work of my 7 gallon test run size!!
here is a pic showing the lights indicating manual mode at 40%
(Yes my elements are off in the pic)

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