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AnOldUR 07-06-2011 09:41 AM

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Well, I was sure that everything was good, but you convinced me to go over all the connections one more time. Still don't know where the problem was, but did a successful couple hour test run after some adjustments last night. I did rotate the connectors away from the outer casing thinking that thermal expansion may have been causing some contact.

I actually scored two of these heat sticks on eBay. The one that’s been giving me grief I mounted in the side of the stainless pot used as an MLT. The other one has a longer element. I haven’t used it yet, but thought it might be good to speed up time to boil or stirring the mash during temperature steps. This other one also has a two wire cord. I was going to change it to three wire, but before this thread I had thought that GFCI didn’t work without a ground wire. Do you think the extra work is worth it or will the two wire with GFCI provide enough protection?

(Have to wonder if this company is out of business because of lawsuits. \"\" )

Thanks for the help!

(Pulled the handle off and put a male plug directly into the housing so that I wouldn't have to drag a cord around when cleaning the MLT.)

AnOldUR 07-06-2011 09:00 PM

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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
. . . putting it in the houseing would be cleaner and prettier, but "anywhere" will make it functional.
That's just me whining. I'd feel bad making this thing "my ugly junk."

Here's the second one. Too bad the company no longer makes them.
(but sure they'd cost more than the $30 from eBay)

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