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tarponteaser 04-17-2012 09:56 PM

electric brew design help
Greetings all,

I made a 1650 W 120 V heatstick last year and it works fine to heat the mash water. The only temp control for the heatstick now is an inline switch to shut off when temp gets too high.

My goal this year is to put a 5500 watt 240 element in my 50 qt pot for boiling, and also a quick heat of the mash and sparge water.

I understand the concept of wiring the element in a 2 gang box with plug as seen on the electric brewery site ( great info and dream site there!)

The controller box info on the electric brewerylooks too complicated for my needs.

I'm mashing in a cooler and want to do the following:

1. Use 5500 watt element(240V) to quickly heat x gallons of water to 170 F ( with PID and SSR) for the mash. Water will be poured and measured from pot valve.

2. Use the 1650 watt heatstick ( 120 v) to maintain heat of the sparge water for mash with PID and SSR, thereby freeing up the boil pot for collecting the wort from mashtun cooler.

3. Use the 5500 watt element in 50 qt pot to boil wort ( manual control use of PID somehow).

Since I don't plan on using both elements at the same time, can I use 1 PID and SSR/heatsink with a switch between heater elements?

What do I need to safely put this together, and what size panel do I need to fabricate this?

Thanks for any assistance in designing a layout for wires and parts.

ps I plan on feeding a 50 amp gfi spa panel from a 30 amp breaker in my shed breaker panel, then making a dryer 4 wire receptacle from the spa panel to feed the control box. It is what goes in the control box ( or big toolbox like some have done) that i'm not too sure about.

stlbeer 04-17-2012 10:20 PM

Troll this forum a little bit more. You'll find what you're looking for :rockin:

tarponteaser 04-18-2012 02:55 AM

I did see something 'similar' in the DIY section. I'll comment on that thread to see about some suggested mods.


lschiavo 04-18-2012 04:00 AM

This is easily done. Dig a little more. You will find your way. I'm sub'ed now so if you have any questions I will help as I can. good luck:mug:

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