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l3asturd 03-07-2012 03:21 AM

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Originally Posted by lschiavo View Post
You just bought a few too many components. Use the critical ones and throw the rest out

Seriously, it looks good.
You've got a point. To be honest I already removed some stuff that I just couldn't fit. I have a backup panel I got for free. It's a lot bigger but doesn't look as nice. I think I'm satisfied with this layout, unless someone points something out that I didn't notice.

I totally forgot to mention what that big blank spot is in the upper left. It's a hb416pva power meter. It's 1/4 DIN as opposed to the standard 1/16 DIN PID size. It's the last thing that I'm waiting on for the front panel. Never guess what country it's coming from. Here's a pic:

l3asturd 03-07-2012 03:34 PM

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Kal I measured from center to center on the PIDs, it's 2 5/8". That's almost exactly what your layout is, except yours are 2 1/2". I know it'll be tight, but, where needed, I may end up tinning the wire ends instead of using the fork connectors. I think the perspective on the picture I took makes them look closer than they really are.

I spent $180 on the enclosure because of it's stainless gauge. I also mock mounted everything close to the door edge to verify it wouldn't snag when closing the door. Of course I did that after lschiavo's concern. Haha.

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