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Bezel 12-20-2012 10:21 PM

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I have been brewing about 4 years and am tired of the jet burners and running out if propane. I jump back and forth between BIAB and my 2 tier rig.

Attachment 89497

I am going to sell the two tier and build a BIAB rig for 10 gal batches. Gonna use a Bayou Classic 102 qt with this control panel

Attachment 89498

Is it possable to run two large elements in series off the same Pid? I have easy access to my main panel and have a 50 amp welder plug now, can easily swap it out for a spa panel or add a new panel, just thinking it might take a while for a single 5500 w element to heat that much water. Thanks for the help and big thanks for the Pj for all the awsome drawings. Maybe 2 4500s

jCOSbrew 12-21-2012 08:11 PM

Add a another contactor for the 2nd element for manual control. Also add another SSR for PID control of both elements. The PID output can drive both SSRs in parallel. There are several people using a single 5500w element for 10 gallon batches that can advise on strike temp and boil times.

Keep in mind that the large 25gal pot might limit your minimum batch size, the element(s) needs to be fully submerged. Good luck with the project.

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