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McCuckerson 12-03-2012 01:01 AM

44pt beer on an electric system
Just thought I would pass on to you folks that I scored 44pts on a schwartzbier in the Piedmont brewers cup, putting to rest any off-flavor concerns with electric systems ... fwiw

-TH- 12-03-2012 12:47 PM


lschiavo 12-03-2012 09:21 PM

Congrats! I never had any concerns...

Max232 12-04-2012 03:59 AM

Good job:rockin:

Since I've switched to all electric brewing I have won 3 medals. 2-thirds and 1- first.

brewmastercontrols 12-05-2012 05:15 PM

Personally I think you have more control over the entire process with all electric. Two reasons are tops in my mind. First is mash temperature control, I believe this is superior in a properly designed electric system.

Second is being able to repeatedly control boil intensity via a know power input versus a burner sound or flame appearance. This allows me to make small changes in the boil off batch to batch if necessary to correct any small efficiency issues in the mash. I can vary boil off from 1.1 GPH to 1.6 GPH simply by changing the boil power, this is priceless to me.


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