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melby 10-01-2013 03:26 AM

120V electric brewe setup
I live on a houseboat which has limited electricity. While I don't run 12V on my current boat, I don't have the ability to to pull 220V, a dryer plug in lay terms. Anyone have suggestions for gear that can be used up for 120V? I'm only doing 5 gal batches.

The10mmKid 10-01-2013 06:46 AM

Propane burner with a 2000W HeatStick for boosting up to a rolling boil.
I start at 5-gal and have to add a few quarts of cooling water to top off back up to 5-gal
That's what I'm doing . . . . . . minus the House Boat. :cross:

'da Kid

Weezy 10-01-2013 10:38 AM

You can use 120V sub-20amp water heater elements mounted in a a 8-10 gallon pot for brewing. Search the forums for *120v eBIAB" for some ideas. 2000W will do a 5 gallon batch easily. If you only have access to 15A circuits, you can use a couple smaller elements.

melby 10-03-2013 01:20 AM

Thanks all.

Doesn't seem like anyone sells a pre-fabricated one. I like the idea of making one though.

The10mmKid 10-03-2013 01:34 AM

Have at it Melby . . . . . . :)


'da Kid

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