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crumpetsnbeer 04-13-2013 03:50 AM

reformulated kombucha bottles
So its been a few years since I have brewed kombucha so i did some googleing to refresh myself.

Anyway I came across a few different articles saying that you can no longer use many store bought brands to make a scoby and if you can they are crappy. Because they reformulated the recipe, and one specifically mentioned the brand that I am using. I use the "GT'S" "Enlightened" brand the organic raw kombucha, the unflavored original bottle. they said this was done in 2010 I do not think it has been that long since i made a batch. I started my scoby on April 4th, and no growth yet. I know it cane take a little bit.

Am i wasting my time with brand I use? Is this true? Can you still use Enlightened to make a scoby? Has anyone had any experience or problems with the Enlightened brand?


ndsgr 04-14-2013 02:31 AM

You can absolutely make a scoby with "Enlightened." I did it and it took approximately a month for the scoby to form. I used two half bottles (concentrated dregs) and about a bottle worth of fresh tea.

EDIT: looks like I posted something similar a while ago. Man, there has been a lot more activity on the kombucha topic since then!

I ran with that scoby for a couple of months before a bunch of kitchen construction dust got into my fermenter. I'm going to start a new batch tomorrow.

crumpetsnbeer 04-15-2013 10:59 PM

Good to know thanks, I did not think I would have a problem thought it better to check though. I cant wait for my scoby to form, its been a while since i brewed kombucha.

ndsgr 05-05-2013 02:30 PM

Just to update this -

I did the same technique last monday; two half bottles of GTs and a full mason jar of fresh sweet tea. I already have a scoby going on, so I'll transfer to my kombucha brewing vessel today. Here is a pic after only 6 days from being in bottles:


Leah 05-05-2013 07:20 PM

I made my SCOBY from the GT brand. I think I pulled it too soon (after a month). However, I also made one for a friend, and he took it and promptly forgot all about it. He' had an amazing SCOBY after two full month.

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