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ThePonchoKid 04-26-2012 11:11 PM

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Originally Posted by KegOutlet View Post
I wouldn't ferment kombucha in a stainless container... I'd look for a glass jug. Maybe a 3 gallon carboy?

Where'd you find your recipe? I've actually been interested in doing this.
Grab a bottle of gts kombucha tea from a local health food store. Boil 1 litre of water, remove from heat and drop in 4 green tea bags and 2 black tea bags. steep for 15 min, add 1 cup of sugar (or between 3/4-1-1/3) and dissolve. add 2 litres of cold water. make sure it's under 30c before adding the gts (under 28 Celsius to be safe). cover your fermenting medium with cloth (i use a coffee filtre) wait 8-10 days and drink. if you get gut rot (too acidic) chances are you're fermenting it too long, or drinking way too much

next batch do the same thing but make it 2.5L cold water now that you no longer need the gts for a starter.

on your first batch it wouldn't hurt to add 1tsp of apple cider vinegar. the acid will promote growth and inhibit unwanted baterium.

i think you can make a kombucha mother by using only apple cider vinegar. i haven't experimented to find out.

Kombucha is very resilient and flexible enough that you can use this recipe and then play around with variables such as temp and sugar and duration of ferment, according to your taste.

right now i've got a 3 week old batch that's turned to vinegar. i dumped nearly all of it save for enough to keep the mother floating. then I dropped about 1 tsp of sugar in it to keep it a little less starved. not having a continuous ferment set-up i can get a bit lazy

this is a 4L jar I found at a restaurant. it's scaled from hard water because i used to sit it in a heated aquarium to keep it at 26C, and I don't remove the old mothers until i get 3-6 of them. despite how disgusting this all looks, it's perfectly healthy and clean inside haha

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