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IkeKrizzule 07-26-2012 06:16 AM

Gluten Free Lemon Bomb
Thought I'd share this. Its my first gluten free, brewed it for a friend who loves a good beer but has found out he's a celiac and can't have one without feeling awful in the morning. Its a 4 gallon batch because that seemed to fit best with the 3 lbs quantities that the sorghum malt extract came in. I've heard sorghum can impart an off taste so decided to cover it up by making a lemon tasting beer.

1 lbs flaked rice, steeped for 30 mins at 150
Added about 1.5 lbs of the sorghum syrup and 1 lb of rice syrup at start of 60 minute boil. Saved remaining 1.5 lbs of sorghum for about 5 mins left

.5 ounce Sorachi Ace at 60
.5 ounce Sorachi Ace at 5
zest from 3 lemons added at 5
1 ounce Sorachi Ace dry hopped for 7

Also had a 1/2 pound each of light and dark Belgian candi sugar. I heard its best to add these later, after the yeast has worked on the hard sugar, so I heated them up with about 500 mL of water and added about a week in. I like to think this helped, but at worst I think it didn't hurt.

Gave the beer to him tonight as a house warming gift. He's very happy, says it tastes way better than the commercial gluten free beers he's tried.

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