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ksj 11-22-2012 03:29 PM

Clarity Ferm
I have been using Clarity Ferm in my last four batches of brew. The latest is a wonderful California common. My very gluten intolerant wife finally gave it a try and has not had a bad reaction. So far she has only had a few sips of the beer I was drinking, trying to get her to try a small glass of it for her self. Her comments so far, "it tastes like beer!".

She has adapted to drinking wine (she's been GF for over 10yrs) but does like beer with football. I've made her sorghum brews before, the best being the Bards kit from Midwest supply. But, 5gallons of GF sorghum brew sits around a while with her drinking mostly wine. While the extra aging has helped the Bards keg (quite a bit IMO), if I could have two different real beers in my keg fridge that are low enough in gluten for her to have her occasional beer it'd be better than having 5 gal of sorghum sitting in there for a few months.

I am very encouraged that the Clarity enzyme is effective. At under $3 per 5 gallon batch it's an affordable solution.

Just wanted to share my experience for the GF folks on here.

igliashon 11-22-2012 04:39 PM

At only a few sips, I'd hardly call it a success. I don't start to feel the effects of de-glutenized beer until I'm on my second one. But if she doesn't drink much, then she'll probably be fine.

ksj 11-23-2012 03:49 PM

Um, I never called it a "success" I said I am encouraged by the possibilities. However, as gluten intolerant as my wife is, the fact that she was able to try real beer in any amount without getting ill is quite a triumph.

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