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Jspoer 02-02-2013 10:41 PM

Yeast Washing 1056 ale - yeast on bottom?
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Cut to the chase... why does it look like my yeast is on the bottom of the growler as in the attached pic? is the milky lower layer the yeast?

background: So I harvested the 1056 yeast for the first time out of my amber beer last night after following the standard instructions I've seen on the Internet. I boiled water and boiled a growler plus a few mason jars and then cooled to refrigerator temperatures to match the cold temp of the cold crashed beer. I added the half the growler of cold water to the plastic bucket and swirled the contents to get the yeast back in suspension. I couldn't see the separation so I poured the majority of top contents into the growler. I got tired of waiting and so I put the growler in the fridge and thought I'd check it in the morning. Here is the results but what layer is the yeast that I want to pour off into the mason jars? It looks like the yeast is sitting on the bottom. Then what is the stuff on top? Thanks


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