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LCTitan 09-16-2011 06:57 PM

Yeast starter with Wyeast 1056
Made a starter with Wyeast 1056 the other night and I have a question. I made the standard starter and placed it on the stirplate for about 24 hours. The result was a nice brownish/tan milky looking stater. (Like the yeast were happy and eating well) With this one though there was litttle to no krauesning (spelling?) If I remember right my starters in the past with 1056 had a pretty big kruausen after 24 hours. I have made starters in the past where the result pretty much just look like beer and for sure they were no good. This one though looks fine just not much Krausen. Your thoughts? My process to create the starter was the same and everything was sanitized.

I think it should be fine to pitch tomorrow.

Forgot to add the smack pack swelled nicely after three hours before being pitched into the starter.

slykwilli 09-16-2011 08:32 PM

If the package swelled then you know the yeast was in good shape. I would say it should be just fine. I just brewed with 1056 last week and the starter I made was similar to what you are explaining, but once in the fermentor it are like a fat kid at a buffet :rockin:

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