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brewser09 07-19-2010 02:10 PM

I bought 4 kits from Midwest Supplies and bought the Wyeast propegator packets of yeast to go with it. Long story short, i was gone the entire weekend for business and did not get to store the yeast in the fridge until yesterday (it had arrived Friday and was put in the house with the ac running) Is this still good? Secondly a friend bought one of the kits and wanted to brew yesterday and i didn't have the opportunity to do a starter or anything and there is no signs of fermentation in the airlock and when we smacked it there wasn't a whole lot of activity. This was the first time i've used so i am at a total loss. Am I screwed here? I cant afford another ruined batch of beer...especially since this isn't mine :S

Beezer94 07-19-2010 06:05 PM

First, yes your yeast is fine. (assuming you don't keep your house at 120F)

The Propagator pack is meant to be used with a starter. So in this case he severely underpitched, so expect it to take 72+ hrs to show any signs of activity. Checking the gravity with a hydrometer is the only way to determine if there is activity. The airlock is there to let CO2 release and it only shows bubbles if there is a great seal on the bung/lid.

The Activator pack has 4x as many yeast cells as the propagator and it is still recommended to always make a starter with liquid yeast to ensure proper pitching rates and to prove yeast viability.

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