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AnOldUR 03-13-2010 06:00 PM

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Originally Posted by Nugent View Post
As mentioned before, after three washings (the yeast is currently sitting under sterilized water only) I managed to get three half pint jars with about 3/8" of creamy, white yeast. The additional washings got the darker, presumably dead yeast out of it, as for as I can tell. . . Anyway, hope this help.
I must have skimmed over your “three washing” post, but that's a interesting coincidence. It also took me three washings before I was happy with the results. Ended up with about 6 fluid ounces of clean yeast.

The picture below is what remained after the final wash. I added more water to it just to see how it would settle out. The new liquid is on top, a thin layer of yeast and a lot of trub at the bottom. What I have in the refrigerator is all like that thin layer. The volume and make-up of the bottom layer has me baffled. I don’t get it when using the exact same technique with other yeasts. Why do these British strains produce this stuff and what is it?

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