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bierandbikes 05-02-2012 11:24 PM

WLP041 or Safale S-05
I am brewing a Rye IPA and I feel that I need to choose a yeast strain based on my fermenting temp. I have a starter ready to go with the WLP041. I have used this in the past and really liked the result. However, due to the winter temps, I was able to ferment at 67F.

My fermenting space is now sitting at 71F. It may go a couple of degrees higher but not much. I am afraid that is too warm for the WLP041. As an alternative, I have two packets of Safale S-05 as a back up. The temp range is listed at 65-75F.

So...any recommendations based on my fermentation temp? If I don't use the WLP041, I'll just decant off the liquid and put it back in the fridge until I can secure a cooler location, so no loss.


TimTrone 05-03-2012 12:00 AM

An ambient temp of 71 means the fermenting beer could get up to 81. That's too warm for either yeast. Drape. Wet towel around your fermenter and put a box fan in front of it. That should hold the beer temp around 65. Have you thought of a swamp cooler? It makes life much easier

bierandbikes 05-03-2012 12:49 AM

I'll try the wet towel and fan. I am using a confined space in the basement but does not stay as consistent as a true basement. I am trying to get one more batch in before I move. The new house has a true, unfinished, cement basement. I think it should work better. A dedicated fridge is also in order.

At 65F I can use the WLP? Will the wet towel and fan keep my fermenting liquid cool enough?

TimTrone 05-03-2012 01:45 AM

The wet towel works well, as long as you keep the towel wet. Make sure you remoisten it a couple times per day, and that the fan is pointed directly on it. The evaporating liquid cools things down nicely.

You might be better off with the 05 at 65. I haven't had any experience with the 041, but that is a fruity strain to begin with. If you ferment it warm you'll get crazy fruity flavors from it. 05 at 65 is still pretty clean.

TimTrone 05-03-2012 01:46 AM

Another thing, is to change the towel every 3 days. You don't want any mold growing near your beer. Good luck, and let us know how you make out!

cwheel 05-29-2012 04:38 PM

How did this turn out? I'm in Charlottesville also, and am currently fermenting an IPA with WLP041. Never seen a yeast exhibit so much activity but be SO freaking slow to actually convert. I'm on day 11 right now, and the beer has gone from 1.064 to 1.030. I can still see it working, and there is still a huge krausen, but if I had used any other yeast, it would have been done by now!

Anyway, just curious how yours went. Also, I don't buy into the 10 degree delta between ambient and fermentation temp (no offense Tim). Sure, somebody has probably seen that at some point in history, but in my house, with the temps kept around 69 degrees in the basement, the fermenting beer is never more than 71 degrees (confirmed multiple ways with lots of different types of yeast). A few times I've seen fermentation temps 3-4 degrees above ambient, but 10 degrees?? Never even close.

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