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Bisco_Ben 06-13-2012 05:19 PM

threw off the temp in my fermentation chamber, is this a big deal?
So about 24 hours from pitching the yeast on my zombie dust clone, it became evident that there was going to be some blow-off, and I have been lazy lately and just not setting the blow-off tube up initially and instead use airlocks. As I made 1.25 gallons of sanitizer to sanitize the blow-off tube and have some solution for it to sit in, I was not thinking and made it with warm water as I usually would to brew. As I added this bucket and blow-off tube and removed the air-lock, I noticed that this raised the temperature of the fermentation chamber enough to click it on and condensation started happening. The duck-taped on probe just slid right off the carboy and I was forced to wedge it between the side of the carboy and the wall of the chest freezer in order to get it to stick to the carboy. Will this mishap have a significant effect on my beer in terms of off-flavors or under-attenuation? It is still chugging away with the blow-off attached.

huge1s 06-13-2012 05:25 PM

seems pretty minor to me. lots of people use "basement", "bathtub", "closet" or "anywhere I can find" as their fermentation chamber and make good beer. I think 24 hours at a slightly higher temp will have almost zero effect on your beer.

Bisco_Ben 06-13-2012 05:30 PM

well my concern is that since the freezer was working harder to cool down the bucket of warm sanitizer solution, it has brought down the ambient temp to 60 and below. Last night it was probably at its coldest being well below 60 for sure and just a minute ago it was barely at 60*. Just hoping I didnt shock the yeast too much by having such ambient temperature swings.

huge1s 06-13-2012 06:38 PM

maybe I am not understanding the problem... It sounds like you said the bucket of *warm* water heated up your chamber so much that it had to work hard to bring the temp down and you are worried that the *ambient* temp is too cold now?

Assuming your chamber was to set temperature when you started... I have a hard time believing that a warm bucket of water is going to cause a drastic temperature rise. Maybe a few degrees. Just because the ambient temp is low does not mean that your wert is that low. Is/Was your temperature probe insulted with a rag or anything against the carboy? How large of a temperature range are we talking?

Bisco_Ben 06-13-2012 07:55 PM

I am concerned that because I added the warm bucket, the freezer cooled down significantly to chill the water in the bucket while also subsequently bringing down the temperature of my wort to a level where the yeast will become shocked and either produce off flavors or stop fermenting. Still bubbling away so were good on that note. My probe is also insulated with a paper towel or 2 wrapped around it to make a somewhat thick paper insulation. I have a feeling the freezer got down to 50 and maybe even lower although I did not stay up late enough to catch a reading. I was fermenting with the controller set to 64* previously.

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