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TimmyR 02-06-2010 01:26 PM

Thoughts on Belgian Dubbel
G'day all,

10 gallons of Belgian Dubbel brewed 2-weeks ago with a slightly overshot OG of 1.071. Pitched appropriate starters of WLP530 and WLP575 into each carboy and ramped up from 64F to 70F over the subsequent 6-days. Today my FGs are WLP775 1.013, no krausen or foam on top, but a fair amount of yeast in suspension); WLP530 1.020, some krausen left and still bubbling, slowly. I have taken the WLP530 batch to 71F and begun to rouse the yeast each day.

Any other suggestions? I am planning (if all goes well) to keg next week; let cold condition for 2-weeks in the keg then clear (in the serving keg) with gelatin.


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