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Jogurt 12-17-2012 01:15 PM

strong wheat ale - secondary?
I have 8 days old wheat ale in primary and there is this decision I have to make. Should I secondary, or go for primary-only?

I have read, that wheat ales in particular are absolutely OK with primary only. But then, this is 2/3 premium pilsner malt and 1/3 wheat malt with O.G. 1.066 so that may mix the cards a bit.

I know that there is no definite "correct" answer to this question. What I am looking for are personal opinions. Preferably from people, who have experience with this particular beer style.

Hopefully someone with this kind of experience will pop up, I have seen that nearly everyone here has brews like strawberry milkshake caramel hamburger infused purple ale lying around. :-)

Also my first post :mug:

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