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forces 01-30-2010 11:03 PM

Strong Sulfur Smeel in a Wheat Beer
So I brewed my first Wheat beer about 5 days ago; Blackberry Wheat Partial Mash using Wyeast 3056.

I used 2 packages of 3056 with no starter. O.G. was 1.052. Fermentation took off like a rocket after about 12 hours; to the point where the airlock completely filled with beer, despite having about 5-6" of head room in the primary. After 4 days, the fermentation appears to have slowed way way down (no movement in the airlock), so I took a hydro sample.

It's sitting at about 1.020. I've never used this yeast strain before and am a little concerned about a VERY strong sulfur smell that was coming off of the hydro sample. There is quite a bit of sediment on the bottom of the fermenter. I am wondering if the sulfur smell may have been because the trub level was is starting to climb it's way into the spigot of the primary (where the hydro was taken from) or if it simply needs time to mellow out.

Will this awful aroma go away with time?

TipsyDragon 01-30-2010 11:50 PM

RDWHAHB. your beer will be fine its just green. never judge a beer bad till a good month after bottling.

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