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EuBrew 08-11-2009 03:27 PM

Southern Tier Imperial Creme Brulee Stout yeast?
I am sketching out a recipe for this stout to surprise the GF because she loves this beer so much. Is it possible to buy a bottle of the Creme Brulee Stout and recover some yeast from it to use in my fermentation? If not what yeast would you recommend? Thanks in advance!!

skeeordye11 08-11-2009 03:43 PM

Email the brewer and ask him. That's my recommendation. I cannot say it enough, immitation is the highest form of flattery when it comes to brewing.

sonetlumiere85 08-11-2009 04:41 PM

The last imperial bottle of Southern Tier I had was filtered. I don't think they bottle condition. Considering the Creme Brulee is 10%, I would use an old ale strain. Wyeast 1028 or 1728 would both be good choices, or their comparable white labs strains.

EuBrew 08-11-2009 05:11 PM

Thanks fellow Ohio brewer! I actually just called and spoke to someone in the QC department because there weren't any emails listed on their website. I can't remember his name, but he was pretty helpful but not fully transparent. He said I could probably propogate some yeast from one of their unfiltered products #22?? Not sure which one that is so I think for this round I'll stick with a starter to be determined after some research. He did mention to mash in the low 150's which is different than a recipe I saw that said 160. He also said they use a very concentrated vanilla extract from "Bells" and I may be able to call them to see if they would send me a small quantity but he indicated for a 5 gal batch you'd only need a couple ml so I think I'll just use a high quality vanilla extract. Oh yeah, he said the vanilla goes in just prior to carbonation so I'll add it as I rack to the bottling bucket.

BeerPressure 08-12-2009 06:51 PM

The 22 you heard might of been the 422 pale wheat ale they make. 422 Pale Wheat Ale - Southern Tier Brewing Company - BeerAdvocate

PseudoChef 08-12-2009 07:09 PM

I think with everything going on in this beer, some 1056 or 001 would work just fine. Maybe a high-attenuative English strain...maybe.

cercueil 08-12-2009 07:50 PM

Did they mention anything about lactose? I had that beer and it seemed really sweet.

EuBrew 08-12-2009 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by cercueil (Post 1483997)
Did they mention anything about lactose? I had that beer and it seemed really sweet.

Yes, lactose is definitely involved. Getting a little out of the yeast forum here but here's what I've come up with in Beersmith. I'm doing a 2.5 gallon batch since I am not a huge stout fan and I'm doing another 2.5 of something else to work on my methods. Recipe below couple things that aren't clear, add the lactose last 5 min of boil and the vanilla extract goes in the keg or bottling bucket prior to conditioning. Feel free to chime in if you see anything that needs work. Also, any suggestions on fermentation are appreciated since this will be my first shot at stout (temp, length in primary, secondary needed, aging?)

Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout Clone
Sweet Stout

Type: All Grain
Date: 8/23/2009
Batch Size: 2.50 gal
Brewer: EuBrew
Boil Size: 3.49 gal Asst Brewer: Erica
Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: Brew Pot (7.5 gal) and Cooler (48 qt)
Taste Rating(out of 50): 35.0 Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00


Amount Item Type % or IBU
7.38 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 77.63 %
1.63 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L (120.0 SRM) Grain 17.11 %
0.47 oz Columbus (Tomahawk) [14.00 %] (60 min) Hops 33.6 IBU
0.35 oz Horizon [12.00 %] (5 min) Hops 4.3 IBU
2.00 oz Vanilla Extract (Bottling 5.0 min) Misc
0.50 lb Milk Sugar (Lactose) (0.0 SRM) Sugar 5.26 %
2.50 gal Columbus, OH Water
1 Pkgs Bedford British Ale (White Labs #WLP006) Yeast-Ale

Beer Profile

Est Original Gravity: 1.104 SG
Measured Original Gravity: 1.010 SG
Est Final Gravity: 1.023 SG Measured Final Gravity: 1.005 SG
Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 10.58 % Actual Alcohol by Vol: 0.65 %
Bitterness: 37.9 IBU Calories: 43 cal/pint
Est Color: 31.1 SRM Color: Color

Mash Profile

Mash Name: Single Infusion, Full Body, Batch Sparge Total Grain Weight: 9.00 lb
Sparge Water: 2.01 gal Grain Temperature: 72.0 F
Sparge Temperature: 168.0 F TunTemperature: 72.0 F
Adjust Temp for Equipment: FALSE Mash PH: 5.4 PH

Single Infusion, Full Body, Batch Sparge Step Time Name Description Step Temp
60 min Mash In Add 11.25 qt of water at 163.7 F 152.0 F

PseudoChef 08-12-2009 09:51 PM

It's a stout, dude!! Where's the roast??!

You're going to need some chocolate (I would ballpark 3-5%, maybe even more) malt and some roasted barley (again, around 5%). The bitterness from these malts will help counter the sweetness from the lactose and vanilla - blending them helps create some great harmony in stouts, in my opinion. Also, way too much crystal 120. Tone that bad boy down to around 1%, and try a crystal blend with some 60L or 80L.

EuBrew 08-12-2009 10:37 PM

Going off what's on Southern Tier's website and the conversation I had with one of the brewers there is only pale 2 row and crystal in the grain bill. He said he didn't have the bill in front of him when we talked but I checked the web after reading your suggestions and they note chocolate and roasted barley in their Mokah, but not in the Creme Brulee. You could be completely right because I don't have a clue about stouts (I'm an IPA man) but like I said, just going off what the man and his web site say:D I like the idea of the blend on the crystal. I saw dark crystal on the bottle and kinda assumed 120L (effenrookie). Here's the new bill trying to stay as close to 25 plato and within color range. I tweaked the hop schedule to dry hop the Horizon since they're listed as an aroma hop anyway.


Amount Item Type % or IBU
6 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 63.16 %
1 lbs 8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L (60.0 SRM) Grain 15.79 %
1 lbs 8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L (80.0 SRM) Grain 15.79 %
0.50 oz Columbus (Tomahawk) [14.00 %] (60 min) Hops 36.0 IBU
0.50 oz Horizon [12.00 %] (Dry Hop 14 days) Hops -
2.00 oz Vanilla Extract (Bottling 5.0 min) Misc
8.0 oz Milk Sugar (Lactose) (0.0 SRM) Sugar 5.26 %
2.50 gal Columbus, OH Water
1 Pkgs Bedford British Ale (White Labs #WLP006) Yeast-Ale

Lemme have it!! Gotta learn somewhere!! Thanks for helping the helpless i.e. me!!:rockin:

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