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hokenfloken 02-15-2010 07:26 PM

Slow Fermentation at Low Temperatures
I brewed my first AG batch last weekend. I made a 2000ml yeast starter with 1 vial of WLP001. I used 13lbs 2-row, .5lbs crystal 40:, .5lbs white wheat and .5lbs carapils. I brewed outside, cooled the wort to 62 degrees, aerated the wort, and pitched the yeast into the carboy. There was still some yeast cake at the bottom the flask so I dumped a bit of wort in, shook it around and put it in the fermenter. I put the fermenter into a chest freezer I bought for fermentation. I left the fermenter in the chest freezer overnight with the temp controller set to 65 degrees. I don't know if it got warm enough in my house to bring the fermenter up to temperature so I put a pan of just-boiled water into the freezer to try to bring the temperature up. Now the fermenter is at room temperature, about 65 degrees. There is a nice layer of krausen on the surface of the beer but the airlock of bubbling VERY slowly. In the past I've used US-05 and fermented at warmer temps and the airlock went crazy. Is the slow fermentation simply due to the colder temperatures? Should I do something to get it going faster? Should I pitch another vial to be sure I get good attenuation? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

jmo88 02-15-2010 07:36 PM

Nice layer of Krausen sounds good to me. Let it sit at 65F. There really isn't any need to pitch more yeast. Last time I fermented with that strain at 65F, with a starter, it took 9 days to reach final gravity. Stop fluctuating the temps and let it stabilize at 65F.

BierMuncher 02-15-2010 07:42 PM

Slow and steady fermentation is good.

You'll get a cleaner tasting beer with fewer esters and less chance of fusels.

My brewshop hovers at 60-62 this time of year so this is when brew like crazy...stock up and get all 20 kegs filled.

Once summer gets here and my shop gets to that 76-78 range...then it's on to the Belgians.

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