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EnjoyGoodBeer 11-16-2012 02:24 PM

Should I was yeast?
Bought my first liquide yeast a few weeks ago. Its the smack pack, my question is that the date on the smack pack was 3 months over do. The yeast worked and finished my hobgoblin clone.

I was wondering is this yeast good to wash and reuse? Sense it was a bit older than usual? If i did reuse this would be my first time and my first starter. Also I would be using some of this yeast in the next few weeks. Thanks all!

dinnerstick 11-16-2012 02:50 PM

if you rinse the yeast, follow the instructions carefully on the sticky on this forum. that way you will get rid of any dead yeast. i use smack packs shipped across the atlantic that are older than 3 months, all the time, they are fine, so don't worry. when you rinse it, work as clean as possible, use boiled water, don't subject them to rapid temperature changes, don't handle the yeast any more than you need to, and you'll be good. you shouldn't need to make a starter from this harvested yeast if you use it pretty soon after harvesting, once it's compacted in the fridge after rinsing, estimate the volume and use mrmalty.com yeast calculator to determine how much to add to your next batch. good luck!

EnjoyGoodBeer 11-16-2012 08:01 PM

Is it necessary to boil the jars? Could't I just make sure there clean and sanatized well?

If seen both ways online.

StusBrew 11-17-2012 02:24 AM

I was wondering about that. Is the sticky on yeast washing the "given", usual way. I had been brewing for a few years. Getting back into it a little more seriously. Tried a smack pack years ago ( ~7 years) and it left me wondering if anything was going at all. Got curious about making a starter. Made a starter. It's awesome. But I made a dunkelweizen with the Wyeast Weiheinstephan strain. First weeknd in December I plan on using same strain and making roggenbier. Once I made a starter, i was very curious about recycling the yeast. Washing it and storing it in fridge a few weeks. I ended up with a package that was 6 months old. Took off in starter faster than I thought. Smacked pack. Waited 2- 2.5 hours. Pitched into starter. It was a monster! It's been 5 days. Still has a kreusen, though slowed now.
But main point: So the yeast washing sticky is it right? I mean I'm sure there are variations, but if you're storing yeast you want to get rid of the oxygen and any contamination and keep it from other sugar sources! It's been crashed in fridge for almost 48 hours and wasn't going to get to washing until tomrorrow. going to try it anyway.

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