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mcmillb1 09-18-2012 02:46 AM

Saison fermentation time
I brewed my highest gravity all grain beer last Sunday (Christmas Saison, OG 1.072, just my third all grain to date), and vigorous bubbling started within twelve hours.

It's been bubbling away very actively (every minute or so) ever since, even today on the eight day of fermentation.

I used a starter and know there's a ton of sugar in there, but, can't believe it's still bubbling so much.

I'm sure I'm just overreacting, but, this long continued action is most decidedly GOOD, right?

I ask because I just wondered if I might have under pitched or something strange...just shuddup and relax, right? :)

teddy4xp 09-18-2012 03:00 AM

Yep...give it atleast three weeks, im sure it is fine!

daksin 09-18-2012 06:15 PM

Keep it hot!

kblankenship11 09-18-2012 06:27 PM

The same thing happened to my Saison I made this summer!! It continued to bubble even after 2 weeks in the secondary (with one week in primary). I gave it another week and a half before the bubbling subsided. Saison yeast definitely acts differently than most other strains I have used. But hey long attenuation is a good thing!!

mcmillb1 09-18-2012 06:28 PM

Yeah, I've been keeping it as warm as possible, though, I can only get into the mid-high 70s.

With temperatures dropping in Ohio of late, I've even stashed my bucket under a low hanging flood light on our kitchen island to warm it up, too, and it just happily bubbles away! :)

I assume I'll ferment for at least 3 weeks in this vessel (maybe 4?) - and would then go straight to bottle.

kblankenship11 09-18-2012 07:14 PM

Just keep an eye on it and you'll be fine. Once the top of the wort has no visible bubbles you should be ok to bottle--at least that's what i did.

Double_D 09-18-2012 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by kblankenship11 (Post 4423508)
Just keep an eye on it and you'll be fine. Once the top of the wort has no visible bubbles you should be ok to bottle--at least that's what i did.

It's still a good idea to check with a hydrometer though. You don't want any bottle bombs.;)

beerloaf 09-18-2012 07:25 PM

Which Saison yeast did you use? I found that Wyeast 3711 tends to get done quick vs WLP 565 which also works great but takes a little longer to finish out. Both are great strains but work a little different. I usually let the 565 go for a month then bottle/keg. Pitch rate and temps are the key to a good saison. I tend to ramp up the temps into the 80s and keep them up there for most of the initial fermentation usually for a few weeks.


mcmillb1 09-18-2012 07:34 PM

I used Wyeast 3726 farmhouse ale yeast.

The Temperature Range for this one was 70 - 95 degrees. I was storing in my hot garage (liquid temps were only running in the high 70's) during hot summer days, but, it's gotten decidedly cooler the past few days. I looked into the Brew Belt, and they only said I'd get 70 - 75 degrees max (and 80 is about what my garage was running), so, I passed on purchasing it.

How else could I increase the heat w/o a temperature controlled unit of any kind? (and the follow up would have to be what kind of temperature controlled unit + device would I want in the future to get 85 / 90 degree fermentations?)

wolfman_48442 09-19-2012 02:52 AM


Originally Posted by beerloaf (Post 4423550)
Pitch rate and temps are the key to a good saison.

So true.
My first crack at a saison with 3724, I severely underpitched, and even though I ramped the temp up to 90, it took 8 weeks to finish and was filled with flaws (in my opinion).
My most recent attempt, I actually pitched a proper amount of yeast into well oxygenated wort at 70F. I ramped 3F per day to 90, and it was done in 2 weeks. 1.068 to 1.003. And it tastes like heaven.

Many people have reported good success with wrapping the fermentor in an electric blanket, or creating a water bath and heating that with an aquarium heater.

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