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Neilyboy 12-31-2012 01:52 AM

Question about amount of yeast from wash
Hey there.
I typically brew 10 gal all-grain batches. I grab new yeast, throw together a starter and brew. I will then wash once grabbing 4 mason jars of washed yeast. I will then brew using each of the jars once (not washing the washed yeast for yet another use). So my new yeast usually gets me 5 batches of beer.

I had a question about the amount of yeast I recently pulled from a wash. I just got done brewing sierra nevada's ruthless rye (from byo mag) using safale s-05. I brewed on Dec 9th and washed on the 28th. I also have a fermentation chamber that maintains a constant temp (60f in this case).

I noticed the yeast cake was a bit larger than normal (nothing too crazy just a bit thicker than normal). I did my wash and noticed that I had a nice amount of the middle layer (the good stuff) as it was settling. I dumped off my wash into my mason jars threw them in the fridge and went to bed. When I woke up this is what I had.


I am used to seeing about a half inch layer of yeast at the bottom of the jar but nothing like what I pulled from this washing.

I guess all I am asking is have I done something wrong or should I be worried about the amount of yeast that was collected for any reason?

I have all the trub and a good amount of yeast still in my gallon jug (what was leftover from the wash), as you know when you throw in 4 full mason jars of water you end up with enough to fill about 6-7 jars. So what I have in these jars appears to be all good yeast ready to eat away at another batch. Just much more than I am used to seeing..

With this amount of yeast would I be better off skipping a starter (just letting the jar warm up to room temp shake and pitch)? or still throw together a starter like normal.

I am still learning as I go (only done about 15, 10gal all-grain batches so far). I have yet to have any issues with pitching washed yeast. Every batch has been pretty darn good so far.

take care,

Yooper 12-31-2012 02:02 AM

My pint jars look alot like yours. If you get less other times, then that's probably because it is non-flocculant yeast that hasn't settled.

I generally use the "slurry" calculator on mrmalty.com, and go by the milliliters of yeast I have.

davekippen 12-31-2012 02:07 AM

Wow, thats a crazy amount of yeast!! I believe the rule of thumb is something like if you brew again within a few weeks of washing, just warm it up and pitch it. If the yeast has sat in the fridge for longer than a few weeks, make a starter to wake it up. In your case, the starter is not really needed to bump the cell count, thats for sure LOL

Neilyboy 12-31-2012 02:27 AM

Thanks for the reply guys! And Yooper thanks for the great pale ale recipe (one of my favorites)!! I am learning as I go. I was just really surprised at how much yeast was there when I pulled them out of the fridge haha..


el_caro 12-31-2012 07:11 AM


Originally Posted by Yooper (Post 4730234)

I generally use the "slurry" calculator on mrmalty.com, and go by the milliliters of yeast I have.

Hi Yooper
Do you have any recommendation on where to set the 2 sliders on the slurry tab for washed yeast?

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