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MJDore 10-30-2011 03:59 PM

Pumpkin Beer using WLP002...attenuated like crazy
Brewed my Pumpkin Beer recipe two weeks ago. Pitched WLP002 and it fermented beautifully at 65-66 deg for two weeks. Just took a reading and it went from 1.055 to 1.011! I thought this yeast was supposed to stop short and leave a nice residual malty mouthfeel. Does the pumpkin have sugars that cause it to go a little overboard? I brewed the same beer last year and it stopped in the 1.015 range.

Anyone use this yeast for pumpkin beer? I mashed at 153 so I thought that would be a warm enough mash to talk the yeast into doing what I wanted them to do. I guess next time I'll have to bump to the 155 range.


Recipe was 85% UK Two-row, 5% C60, 4% Caramunich I had leftover, 2% victory, and 5% flaked wheat (use in most of my beers for head retention). And then, of course, the pumpkin which was 60 ozs of Libby's pure canned pumpkin.

wonderbread23 10-30-2011 07:38 PM

80% attenuation isn't unheard with that yeast, but probably a bit high considering your recipe. I would calibrate your thermometer to make sure you actually mashed at 153. I'd also calibrate your hydrometer and make sure its giving you accurate readings.

ajf 10-30-2011 10:22 PM

That's about the attenuation I usually get with WLP002, but I mash lower, don't use as much crystal, and have never used pumpkin.


Clementine 10-31-2011 12:20 PM

I had a similar problem with my first attempt at a pumpkin recipe that I did this year. Previously I have steered away from any fruit or additives however this year I thought what the heck. I even got more reckless and used some Nottingham I was playing with re-culturing. I also ended up with a lot higher gravity than expected mine started at 1065 and ended at 1010. I fermented it at 65 degrees and I have not explanation for my screw up but I ended up with 7.2% pumpkin rocket fuel. Anyone looking for some fuel for an interesting Halloween display?!?

This was my second AG beer and I'm still sorting out my procedure, plus changing my recipes from extract to AG and getting to know my equipment. I think I mashed lower than my thermometer indicated and a huge starter made for some really hungry yeast. I also tried an extended mash which added to the variables of the brew day so I just wrote this one off and will try again next year.


smokinghole 10-31-2011 03:14 PM

Dude I have the same problem. Only mine was more because I grabbed the wrong yeast vial off my shelf of 30 vials. I meant to grab wlp028 but grabbed 099 and realized it only after growing the starter and dumping it into my beer. I never looked at the tube until AFTER when I went to pull the label of for the free tube of yeast promotion white labs does. I went from 1.078 to 1.012 so I added some MD with my priming sugar hoping to improve the situation a bit.

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