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EllisTX 08-19-2012 09:43 PM

Pickle smelling washed yeast
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Well.... I washed kolsch yeast and stored in a pickle jar because all of my mason jars were in use. Poor planning on my part. I washed the hell out of the jar and it had no pickle smell when I washed it. Of course I didn't give thought to the lid. Gave it a good cleaning but didn't smell it.

I just got a starter going with it and the yeast has a pickle smell to it. My starter wort was all boiled and ready to go so I went ahead with it.

What are the odds that the pickle smell will scrub out during the fermentation process? Is the starter small enough to not have an effect in 5 gallons of beer? This starter will actually be built up for a 10 gallon batch.

I don't want the nose to smell like this!!

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