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Castawayales 09-26-2011 05:05 PM

Over Priming bottles
Three changes this year.

1) Beersmith I upgraded and found a bug calculating priming sugar which calculated sugar based on anticipated volume not true volume. Adjusted for that by switching to the manual tool.

2) Starters raised to 2 quarts from Wyeast Activators as opposed to 1 pt - 1 qt in the past.

3) Wyeast nutrient added to all batches.

Several of my recipes have come out more carbonated than in the past. Is this due to the fact that I have more viable healthy yeast at bottling? I have started lowering the amount of Priming Sugar on my house brews but if someone can shed light I'd appreciate it.

All other parameters are the same (OG,FG,times. Contamination is not the issue, beers are all fine just more carbed than in the past.


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