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hatepickingnames 10-04-2012 03:57 PM

over pitch belgian dubbel.
I brewed a belgian dubbel with a 1600 ml starter with one vial of wlp 500. Finished beer had the esters i was looking for but thought it could use a hop adjustment.

I harvested about cup of yeast slurry from the primary. One month later i brew the same one minus .5 uk goldings from the kettle. I again made a 1600 ml starter from the yeast slurry. Starters were both on the plate for 3 days.

Differences in the two:
Yeast pitch rate
.5oz uk goldings less in second batch added at 90 instead if 60. No other additions.
Mashed at 148 on #1 and 153 on #2
Both fermented at 75F
30 min protein rest on #2
single infusion on #1

#1 primary finished in 7 days
#2 finished in 3 days.

#2 seems lacking in the nose and palate. Muted is the word that springs to mind.

Any ideas why the second may be a bit bland?

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