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jsmashXx 02-05-2013 04:35 PM

Not sure how to use this yeast strain
I have a vial of white labs Brett L and not really sure what to do with it. Has anyone used this strain before? I was thinking of splitting a five gallon batch of my Saison and either dump the vial into the Carboy. My second thought was to bottle condition half the beers with the Brett L. Any suggestions, warnings or recipes using this strain of yeast would be great. Thanks boozers !

nsrooen 02-05-2013 04:47 PM

Some info about it from White Labs:
(assuming this is the yeast you are referring to)

As far as the WLP653, this yeast is not meant for primary fermentation and is much slower than sacchromyces. We suggest you use standard brewing yeast for primary and pitch the Brett at the end of the fermentation. If you do use in the primary, you need a higher cell count and would need to pitch about 3 times as much as normal. And it would take a good deal longer to ferment. Brettanomyces also likes higher fermentation temps, so at least 75 degrees and ideally 85.

jsmashXx 02-05-2013 05:06 PM


That is the yeast I'm referring to. I was planing on using this yeast as a secondary yeast or to bottle condition with it. The Saison I mentioned is already pretty much done fermenting. I used regular Sacc yeast for the primary. Was just curious if anyone has used this strain and could give me some advice as how to use it for one of the two options mentioned above.

erikpete18 02-05-2013 11:34 PM

I used some as a secondary fermentation in an old ale I brewed up a while back. I fermented the main batch with Sac, then after a couple of weeks added the vial of Brett L to the primary fermenter and let it sit for another few months. It got a nice pellicle after a little bit, but never really went away. At that point I was getting worried about sitting on the yeast/trub for too much longer (probably paranoid), so I transferred to a secondary and just made sure I picked up some of the yeast trub from the primary. In secondary the brett made another nice pellicle, and I let it sit there for another few months until the Brett flavor was where I wanted it to be. It definitely gives off a farmhousey flavor, but I think there's a little more cherry to it than the regular Brett B, although that may be just me tasting it after reading about it. At this point its probably sat in the keg for a year now while I've been drinking it, and its still quite tasty, although I do need to finish it up to clear up a tap!

I haven't tried using it as a carbing yeast, but there are certainly people who do (along with Orval). I'd guess you'd probably get less Brett flavor out of it this way, but if you were able to let it go for a while you might reach the same levels. The benefit of the carboy is that you can taste it while it ages and cut it off once its hit a good spot. I'd also worry about not being certain how far down the Brett will take it in a bottle and wind up with bottle bombs (see paranoia above). If you've got the time and a spare carboy you don't mind tying up, toss it in as a secondary and let it do its thing.

jsmashXx 02-08-2013 12:33 AM

Thanks for the feed back! I'm still not sure what ill d I'm thinking of maybe just making a batch specifically with this yeast as a secondary fermentation. Or ill just split the Saison as I was saying. Lol never a dull moment

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