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kvess 05-09-2012 01:51 PM

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I took a 15.5 gallon keg and made it into a fermentor. I also use a sanke conversion kit that does not require any modification to the keg. I am able to get into my converted freezer to control temp during fermenting. The racking cane on this lets me adjust the height were I can rack my beer without any trube from it with a little C02 to push it out. If i want yeast slury just lower the racking tube a little. It works great for a lot less price. I have 125 dollars in it total.
The conical will be hard to keep cool unless you have a basement or conditioned room. I have brewed with carboys and using secondary and only primary. I have found that secondary is not required. I usually go from primary straight to keg and my beer is crystal clear (according to what yeast is used and style), Below is a pic. of my last beer. Here is the link for the conversion kit.


Bsquared 01-19-2013 04:47 PM

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I agree It's a bit pricy, and that I do like fermenting in carboys for 5 gallon batches, but I'm not the bigest fan of splitting a 10 gallon batch into two carboy. As well for me fermenting in kegs works well, but I just dont like the 2" opening.

I was debating the same thing recently, and decided to pull the trigger on a More beer non-heated and cooled version. My brother has a stout conical that he modified with a sanitary port and a CIP ball, I think This was my deciding factor about buying the More beer version. His is nice but he has had issues with his lid, and spent a bit of additional money on modifications. With the more beer version it is all tri-clover and comes standard with butterfly valves. Im going to add a CIP ball too, so I can just recirculate hot star-san in the fermenter before transferring from the kettle. And transferring under CO2 pressure Is a big plus.

For heating and cooling Im having Zach at stainless brewing fabricate me a 3" Tri-clover cap with a 25' 1/4" stainless coil. I'll be pumping cold water from a reservoir in a mini fridge through it for cooling, and for heating Im going to use a fermwrap. I have not had the chance to use it yet, but I'm hoping to break it in an a couple weeks.

But Id say with the money you save from not buying the heated and cooled version, buy TWO standard more beer conicals!
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