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bryanbibler 11-10-2011 05:23 PM

lagering temperature question-- fridge won't go below 42
I bought a kegerator a few months back and have been using it to regulate fermentation temperature with a ranco temp controller in addition to using it to serve homebrews. I discovered earlier this week that the minimum temp the fridge ever seems to get down to is ~46. I called the company who makes it and found out that the fridge thermostat is set to run at 44-48. Using ice blocks, I can get the temp down to about 40-42, which is much higher than desired for lagering.

my question is basically how this will affect my lager and the lagering process. I was planning to lager for 2 months, but I'm wondering if I should decrease that time since the temp is so much higher than 34. Is this going to ruin/adversly affect my lager?

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