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allanmac00 06-28-2012 12:46 AM

Lager for only a week?
I have an Oktoberfest that's been lagering for a week. However, I really need to free up some fridge space. I already have 2 full cornies in there now, and I need to crash cool a few carboys I have sitting out and maybe even toss those into kegs. Will the Oktoberfest really suffer if it only gets one week of lagering? I've heard that some German breweries are going to one-week lagers these days. The beer tasted fantastic right out of primary, so I'm wondering if I'll be missing much. Thanks!

eastoak 06-28-2012 03:23 AM

if there is a benefit to lagering (for an extended period of time) and you lagered for a week then you will miss out on those benefits. of course if it tastes good, then that's all that matters.

pjj2ba 06-28-2012 03:52 PM

Is it going to go right on tap? Or is is going to just sit at room temperature for a while? Before I had a proper lagering set up, my lagers just sat in the basement until space was freed up in the kegerator (anyhwhere from weeks to months). Then I would just move it into the kegerator and resist it for 2 weeks before tapping into it. I could resist since I had 3 other taps going. It worked fine. The beers were generally better after an additional two weeks, but a person can only resist so much

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